Artfully designed accessories …

“Le piccole fate” is a small laboratory of fashion accessories led by designer Davida Tran. Davida is a French “jeune créatrice” and has studied fashion production and design in Paris.

On a trip to Japan, Davida fell in love with the timeless beauty of old kimono silks: the richness of their patterns, the subtle harmony of their colours. Furthermore, she understood that Japanese origami art is much more than skillfully folded paper objects. Why not adapt these materials and techniques to create clothes and accessories?


… made of precious vintage fabric

In 2012, Davida launched her own line of handbags, shawls and belts. She crosses Japanese vintage silks with other fabric such as velvet, denim, corduroy or brocade. Every single accessory is hand cut and sewn – a unique piece of fine handicraft.